iGRED's Profile

iGRED is the Institute for Gender Research, Education and Development. It seeks to promote an ardent gender sensitivity in governance, communities and organizations through research, education, developmental programs and other innovative tools.

We are actively inspired to work diligently to ensure that the gender-dimensions of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are made a reality to women and children in under-developed and developing nations. iGRED’s programmes are designed strictly based on the blueprint of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5, defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.

iGRED supports all forms of gender-focused initiatives in society, designed to foster the mitigation and eradication of gender-based violence, gender stereotypes, inequality and discrimination.

We collaborate globally, with civil societies and governments, to ensure that the gender implications or dimensions of laws, policies, programmes, and services are thoroughly considered, to protect and promote the agency, dignity, safety, freedom and non-discrimination, of women and girls.

iGRED operates on a life-cycle and community-based approach, in all of its work. We build strategic global partnerships and liaisons to help us translate our commitments into practical action, converging special efforts to help the most vulnerable and social minorities, with an emphasis on women and girls. Our operations place a special emphasis on disadvantaged minorities such as the women and girls in the queer community and the disabled.

In all of our work, we integrate special tools that facilitate project sustainability and effective replication by other organizations.

We are passionate about feminism, women and children’s rights advocacy. We provide a voice to influence social occurrences which do not promote or facilitate the humanity of women and children. We provide relieve to surviving women and children of all forms of violence, abuse or exploitation. We work for the peace and security of women and children (especially girls).

We are iGRED; a dedicated agent of change, influencing society positively through bespoke innovative social interventions.

The Heart of iGRED

We are a humanitarian organization with a sensitive heart. Our vision revolves around a core value system called DRAPS. DRAPS is an abbreviation of the main objects of our operations and our organization anthem.

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